Portland House Painters are experts with exterior painting jobs. For the past 20 years, Portland Painters have been the gold standard in Portland for professional paint jobs, serving the surrounding areas, including Beaverton, Tualatin, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro and Gresham. We use quality paints, offer superior workmanship and excellent service.

So when do you know when your home is in need of fresh coat of exterior paint or a change of color? Whatever your reason may be, a new coat of paint will increase value of your home and protect against the changing weather elements. Portland House Painters realizes your home is an important asset and proper paint allocation will keep it looking new for years.

Before beginning any exterior painting job in Portland, Portland Painters will meet with the prospective clients to access the condition of the exterior. Peeling and cracking are common with homes in the Portland OR / Vancouver WA area. If you house was recently painted and this is occurring, you may want to follow up with your previous painter to find out why. For more information on potential signs of poorly done work, see the Portland Painter Frequently Asked Questions . The siding, trim, windows and looking for rotting wood will give a better understanding of the exterior condition. To remove dirt, mildew, chipped paint and other unsightly elements, a thorough pressure wash of the property is sometimes necessary.

The other common reason for an exterior painting job is the home owner is ready for a change of pace and simply wishes to change the exterior paint color of their home. Portland house painters understands the exterior color of house is an extension of a homes personality and it as important to us as the home owner they get exactly the color they have in mind. It is sometimes important to consider the Portland neighborhood paint colorswhen selecting your paint preferences. Did you know most homes exterior surface is painted in a combination of three colors? We work closely with our clients to help select paint for the (1) siding (2) windows, doors, railings and accents and (3) trim, molding and eaves.  We will make exterior painting suggestions based on the color of the roof, mortar and other exterior color surrounding the home. Also a fresh coat of paint applied in the proper combination of colors not only enhances the charm but it may hide blemishes or structural issues. Ultimately, it is entirely up to the homeowner to decide the color choice but we are there in every step of the selection process guiding and offering support.

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